Pionite Decorative Surfaces HPL is made of layers of recycled kraft paper, a single decorative layer of your choosing, and finished with a protective layer that can also be customized with printed design accents or other decorative features.

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Pionite offers 240 colors, 15 finishes, specialty products, and custom choices at your disposal.


  • Ashwood:
    Fine wood finish with a cathedral grain. Embossed wood grain finish
  • Crystal:
    Fine pebble grained finish, with a medium gloss and subtle dimensional tones in high light reflectivity
  • Embossed Slate:
    Deeply embossed slate finish
  • Gloss:
    High gloss, smooth finish
  • Granite:
    Polished textured finish
  • Hi-Brite:
    Smoothly textured furniture finish
  • Leather:
    Provides the supple beauty of aged leather
  • Linature:
    Medium gloss linear wood grain
  • Line Z:
    Deeply embossed, linear wood grain finish
  • Linen:
    Embossed, cloth-like finish
  • Medium Gloss:
    Medium gloss, smooth finish
  • Soft Leather:
    Finely grained leather finish
  • StoneX:
    Combined natural and polished surface
  • Suede:
    Low gloss, textured finish
  • Super Matte:
    Smooth, non-reflective finish
  • Wood Essence:
    Natural-appearing, linear wood grain finish


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